We are a company composed of experts in Web technologies, our services allow applications to unify the management of areas of the company, for streaming live broadcast or on demand, submit content, product catalogs, virtual shop, good quality with competitive prices, providing an essential tool in your organization.
What We Do for Churches, Ministries and Business
Transmit audio over the Internet, to support of companies and organization, including its TV channels and/or radio receiver using IP technology within a private network that is being mass marketed.
How Does It Work?
We offer the services of transmission of content through the use of transmission networks and servers for storage. When you open an account with us, download your media to our servers, and any transmission of traffic to your website will go through us and delivered promptly to each visitor.
Who Uses Our Services?
Anyone who owns a website can become a client. We are targeting companies, organization, non-profit business or secular, that have the purpose of reaching the largest growing online community, with its message.

If you do not have a website, we provide a comprehensive free site for their transmissions, while completely construct something with their own resources or using our Web design services.

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