1. IP Video (Streaming, etc)

Mobile Platform (iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, windows)
Live audio and video
Video On Demand – Store On Line
Special Events – Meetings Broadcast
Social Network Streaming – Facebook
Training and Education
Digital Signage
Surveillance and Monitoring
Video Conferencing
2. Software
Netpatio TV
Netpatio Live Media
Netpatio CMS (Content Management Systems)
Netpatio 2DO
Netpatio APP (Gadget,Widget, APP)
Netpatio Market
Netpatio Player
Netpatio IPTV (set top box, menú, control panel)
Netpatio EDU
Netpatio Signage
3. Hardware
Netpatio Encoders
Wonka Standard
Wonka Pro (Rack)
Wonka Portable
Wonka Mobile
Netpatio Storage Systems
Wonka Stor 12 HD, 16 HD)
Wonka JBod (12 HD, 16 HD)
Initiators and switches
Netpatio digital signage
Digital signage players
Netpatio IPTV
Wonka Players (Roku)
Wonka Playout
Distribution Servers
4. Value Agregated Products
Web pages Templates