We work to provide added value to the services provided by your organization using all available technologies, providing an optimal solution, useful and complete.
Live Events
Corporate meeting, concerts and any event that is transmitted in this way can be carried out and using the relay with, we offer specialized support before, during and after each event.

We have software to review and analyze reports broadcast in the detail you are interested, this gives a more detailed and comprehensive vision of what’s going on in the transmission.

Live broadcasts
Is the ability to stream content directly to customers via web, everywhere at the same time, around the world, broadcast live over the internet using, you can transmit to many viewers.

By using this service, you can broadcast its daily services, conference or make announcements about new services or events to be performed. Broadcast concerts, or the presenter of his own radio station or TV or any other transmission of live content.

Transmit radio station and TV channel, using one of our packages you can transmit 24 hours a day. We deliver software that lets you automatically schedule for seven days in advance. All these packages include information about who visited, where, when and time use this information improves every day records.

Demand Webcast
Allows visitors to view the broadcast content when they want, just give it to a button on your website. And we will take care to make this service work in the most powerful and simple way, using the most advanced and powerful online management tools.

This is the most simple and popular streaming setup and is also the basis of other more sophisticated services.

Web Application Development
Our Web Applications allows the management of areas of the company, maintaining communication between members of the organization (Internet and Extranet), submit content, product catalogs, virtual stores, online ordering, etc, with excellent quality with competitive prices, providing an essential tool in your business.

We develop applications in different technologies and custom made for each client, providing a personalized support and assistance in all phases of project development.

Hosting and Domains
In Netpatio your find specific solutions tailored to your accommodation for each case. Register your Internet domain to the hostel and Maintenance of websites on our servers, whatever the technology used on Underdevelopment and the database manger employed or the creation of e-mail accounts associated with your domain name and webmail services including Google apps.

We have different options for the implementation of its Website, offering the ability to manage your site and/or provide training for the administrator and a system of modules available to add to your Web.

Also, do your e-marking campaigns: adverting on the network, including in the major search engines, with special incidence in the geographic areas that you propose, including sectored portals, as well as in major advertising campaigns (Overture, Adwords...).

Personalized Support 24/7
Our staff are ready to support all areas of the company, we have people in different parts of the world to give a personalized support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

*Ask for the specifications of the support services

Technical Consultancy and training to initiate and maintain project
We advise all clients and our staff offers personalized training and support, we have also created software for you to make your projects and applications something more complete and comprehensive.
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